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My first experience working with DTM Ali was when he was District 20 Director in 2016-17. when District 20 was biggest in the world with 17,500+ memberships. His leadership was more than just exemplary. When leaders from 7 countries, each with their unique leadership skills and cultures come together; there are bound to be challenges. The whole year DTM Ali stood, respecting each ones opinion, making each one collaborate together and work as one team. That's the RESPECT a leader should uphold in each member.

There have been many instances where as a leader you make tough choices, and that year when there were challenges against TI as an organization arose; he stood his ground firmly - holding the entire district with him. He was not swayed nor affected but kept encouraging us - "To do what we do best - Happy "Toastmastering" - and the rest will fall in line". The rest fell in line. He had that vision. That's the INTERGRITY that a leader should have.

How many times have each of you reading this come across DTM Ali? Has he ever turned you away? No matter how "big" or how " small" your problem was, no matter whether you were "just a member" or a "district office leader?"; hasnt he always made time for you and helped you out? That's the SERVICE a leader should possess.

When it comes to delivering his role - no matter what the role is - a role at a meeting, a keynote speaker, a member, a club officer, an area officer, a division officer, a district officer, a regional officer or a judge at various levels, I have personally - just like the rest of you reading this - have witnessed - EXCELLENCE.

What more do we want in an International Director Candidate?
What more do we need in a leader?
What more do we look for in a toastmaster?

And therefore, it is with conviction and utmost respect, I wish DTM Ali gain this title that he rightly deserves.

Nancy George Vijo    Member   

I worked with DTM Ali Shahbaz as an Area Director when he was the District Director. His innovative ways and guidance has always amazed me. He in fact introduced online meetings with the team to provide them the guidance where needed. This was on top of the biannual meetings as recommended by TMI. He was the District Director just before the District was formally split into two and was running two Districts simultaneously which was not an easy task. He ensured that each and every achievement was recognized and has always been supportive and encouraging to the team and others he interacted with. I wish DTM Ali Shahbaz success in this venture.

G K Lakshmi    President   

Leadership comes in many forms, sizes, shapes, nationalities etc. Each one stands out sometimes for a reason, sometimes for a season and then there are those that standout for a lifetime.

Ali Shahbaz Ali is among those who I truly believe will stand out for a lifetime. It is his commitment to the pursuit of lifting others and treating everyone as those with immense potential, realizing that within them, acknowledging it and then inspiring them to go on that journey while always being there through that journey - which makes him stand out I believe.

There is promise for everyone around when they are around Ali Shahbaz and that means when everyone grows, so will the fraternity as a result of it.

Leaders such as Ali Shahbaz Ali are rare and far in between. A worthy torch bearer indeed for the position of International Director, representing the voice of many. I wish him nothing less than the very best in his continuous journey of adding value into the lives of people that he touches - directly and indirectly.

Samir Geepee    Club Quality Chair - District 105   

It was in 2012 I first met DTM Ali Shahbaz. He was the Contest chair for evaluation contests at DTAC. Though I never had an opportunity to work with him in a team, but whatever interactions I had with DTM Ali made me realise that he is a genuine person with honesty, commitment and dedication towards his goals. With his cool composure and interpersonal skills, he led Region 11 to greater heights. He is a leader who will be found amongst the people and never above them. A gem of a person, a thorough gentleman and an honest leader. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors and am sure he will prove his mettle as a leader wherever he goes!!

Nisha Shivram    Club Growth Director- Div B   

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman!

TC 122 in Pakistan was launched in 2019. We were un-districted earlier.
We were lucky to find a superman in RA Ali Shahbaz Ali. He was our regional advisor and guided us thoroughly in all things Toastmasters. I found him incredibly knowledgeable and most of all what impressed me was the amount of time and effort he gave to all of the districts he was handling. He gave hours of effort daily for promoting Toastmaster activities in Region 11.

TC 122 was the first district to reach Smedley Distinguished District and I feel that a great deal of that achievement was due to the guidance of RA Ali.

He will surely bring the same dedication and passion as an international director.

I wish him the best of luck.

Sameer Hamid Dodhy
Founder - Territorial Council Chair - TC 122

Sameer Hamid Dodhy    Founder - Territorial Council Chair - TC 122   

“The successful warrior is an average man with Laser-like focus” said by Bruce Lee. DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali's dedication towards Toastmasters reminds me this quote. Be it a big roles like District Director or Region Adviser or a roles in an event / meeting, he is very much focused on his role. He never deviated from his focus towards the goals in midst of designs of challenges he faced. I like his laser like focus, lightening speed in taking decision, empowering the leaders, coaching & mentoring. And I admire his knowledge about parliamentary procedures, Toastmasters rules and guidelines.

We are very much lucky to associate with him in several TM Projects and witnessed his leadership skills.

Pon Sankara Pandian    Past Division Director   

It was a great pleasure to work with DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we call him the epitome of a true leader, who serve selflessly for the benefit and upliftment of members. You will be amazed to experience in a short interaction he could fill you up with his colossal treasure of knowledge. His strategical advice helped many Toastmasters and Professionals to fulfill the role to their optimum potential. A leader’s acumen determined by the way he handles the conflict situation and DTM Ali after leading the world’s largest District proved he can tactically deal with every scenario.

Naseema Khan    Former District 20 PR Manager   

Since the day I joined toastmasters and get familiar to each other, your continued support is the one thing I can always count on. You showed me patience, guided and motivated me whenever the situation arose. Thanks for supporting me wholeheartedly. More over I never feel that I am talking with a Region Advisor or with a simple toastmaster. These all your qualities will lead you to get success.

Dinesh Kumar Pal    Vice President Education   

Year 2019-2020 was the year of challenges. Pandemic of COVID-19 started during the contests season. There were very limited number of members who know how to deal with video conferences. This situation affected all clubs meetings.
However with excellent leadership and close support from the Region Advisor DTM Ali Shahbaz many best practices were transformed between districts and District 104 could perform all District Contests successfully.
Then we faced the challenge of District Excom and Council Teams meeting voting requirement. Then here we found again Region 11 Advisor DTM Ali Shahbaz leading us to prepare for the meetings which led to have very successful meetings.
In addition to that DTM Ali Shahbaz supported the district to resolve some issues created by some members.
Personally I learnt a lot from DTM Ali Leadership style and improved my capacity to face and handle challenges.
I see DTM Ali gets higher responsibilities in the Toastmasters International Organization. All the best wishes form him.

Abdullah I Filimban, DTM
District 104 Director 2019-2020
13th of October 2020

Abdullah I Filimban    IP District 104 Director   

Ali Shahbaz Ali, DTM was the Region 11 Adviser when I was the District 116 Director. Prior to that he was the District 20 PQD when I was the Division Director. So I’m fortunate to have worked side by side with Ali for 2 years at the District level. I’m so impressed with his leadership & commitment to fulfill his promises. He is a friend or brother to me than a leader. I’m sure this must be the same impression he leaves with others as well.He is so quick to respond to our (all District Directors) messages even during late nights with solutions , we used to think whether our RA ever sleeps or not. I have no hesitation in saying that his timely advises and support have played an important part in District 116 becoming No.1 District in the world during 2019-2020.
Currently his services are limited to Region 11 only. It’s time that the TI Board experiences his commitment, knowledge & service and utilize them for the benefit of all members around the world. Let’s elect him as the International Director from Region 11. It will be a proud moment for all members of Region 11. Wishing Ali, all the very best.

Raghavan Menon    Immediate Past District Director- District 116   

Some are born Leaders, Some become leaders eventually with experience and some are self proclaimed. I would like to consider and strongly endorse DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali as a born leader and i say this based on some of my experiences i have had in my interactions with him. One instance which i would like to narrate is during one of the DTAC’s which was hosted in Bahrain, ( Ali that point of time was a part of the organizing committee) some of the toastmasters were having difficulties in applying for Visa Applications and facing issues in the logistics. Ali had walked the extra mile in making sure all the necessary documents were sent by his team members and i even remember him calling and telling me before boarding “Please call me once you land no matter what the time is” and he made sure that a great welcoming team was placed at the airport and also ensured we had a great DTAC. This is a great Leadership quality. I have attended many DTAC’s but this memory still lingers on. DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali , my brother I wish you all the best.

Mandarr Agshikar DTM    Past Area Director Area 34 Div J Dist 105   

If we want to define Leadership in a sentence, it would be DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali. At the first time you will deal or communicate with him, you would sense a trustworthy and dependable leader. Whenever you need his guidance, he will always make a time for you to make sure that all youR inquires are answered. And if he doesn’t know the answer, he would respond with a confidence: let me check it and get back to you. I have been in Toastmasters for almost 6 years now, and he never failed to serve the members, not only in District 20, but all over the world.

Ola Rasheed, DTM    CGD Team Coordinator In Kuwait - District 20   

I've had the pleasure of working with DTM Ali Shahbaz on numerous occasions - Professionally and TM wise. The spirit with which he works is unparalleled. His amiable personality and willingness to empower others are qualities to admire. To top that off, he works with pure dedication and gets the job done in the most efficient and effective manner. There's a reason why leaders look upto him and he's the Go-To Man for any advise.

DTM Ali is the kind of person you always hope to work with.

DTM Khurram Salman    Past District Director , District 20   

When everyone were worried how to organize the Annual Division and District Contests (DTAC) durinng Covid-19 in March 2020, DTM Ali, had a broader vision and came up with the idea of "DIVISION X", wherein he trained scores of Leaders from different Divisions to understand the Zoom Application and used this as a tool NOT only to enhance everyone's knowledge on organizing ONLINE Contests, but induced a source of CONFIDENCE to overcome the situation and conduct a smooth and excellent ONLINE Contests. All the Divisions in District 20 were benefited with this training and could complete their Division Contests (A to H) and District Toastmasters Annual Conference DTAC 2020 on a virtual platform. With this success, he could inspire other Districts in his Region 11 and made everyone comfortable and were happy to get the contests done, with precision, acuracy and with great integrity for all the Districts under Region 11.

DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali, is not a great leader, but a great visionary as well as a Great TM who is interested in Member's growth and was (and is) available always to help any TM, irrespective of his position in TM and enhance everyone's knowledge on Toastmasters. A well-known Parliamentarian, Guide and a great Mentor.

A V Murali Manohar    IP Division E Director, District 20 (2019-2020)   

Leader should Listen, understand,act and Serve. DTM Shahbaz Ali is the true leader with all these qualities. You need him any time he will be there to guide you, encourage you and support you.He will be a great asset as International Director. Wishing DTM Ali All the best

Roshan Lewis

Roshan Lewis   

“ Kindness “
“ Kompassion “
“ Kourage “
The 3 ‘Kwalities’ that comes to my mind when I think of DTM Ali Shahbaz who leads by his heart.

A True Leader who has a fine balance between his IQ and EQ.

Thanks to Covid-19, I had the honour to work under the leadership of DTM Ali Shahbaz
in the mock online contests and also for the global events . Like a true champion he not only guided the team but inspired them to become better leaders .
His learnings we were able to cascade to our entire district members .

I wish All the Best to DTM Ali Shahbaz for his much deserving role of ID.

Tabassum Ali    IP Area Director, District 20   

With immense pleasure, I am writing this recommendation for Mr Ali Shahbaz Ali.
I have served as Div F Director in his team.
Ali is a profound leader; highly ethical and knowledgeable. He knows how to strike a good balance between people and process. In other words, he is a leader who drives his people well towards a shared goal without compromising on ethics and laid down processes.
I have seen him making decisions based on facts and analysis. His judgements were free from any kind of personal biases. He is a visionary and passionate leader.
Thing which I admire most about Ali is that he is very much approachable. He is open to new ideas and demonstrated capabilities to drive initiatives very strongly for the benefits of TM fraternity.
I wish Ali a great success in all his future leadership roles.
I am sure under his leadership, members of TM will be benefited.
- Devesh Vithlani

DTM Devesh Vithlani    Ex- Division F Director   

"A Leader is One who knows the Way, shows the Way and goes the Way"
- John Maxwell

The epitome of this statement is Past Region 11 Advisor DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali. I have been fortunate to know him since his illustrious days as Division C Director, all the way upto leading the Largest District in the World and to Region 11 Advisor. DTM Ali is a fountain of knowledge with regards to the history, policies, protocol and procedures of our great movement as well as being a consummate professional, a charismatic leader, a dynamic communicator and above all a wonderful human being. His brilliant, ever present smile belies an iron will, a rock hard foundation of determination and a steely vision of success. DTM Ali is a visionary, an enabler, a facilitator and that precious, rare commodity which holds and guides high performing, elite teams. DTM Ali is someone who always has high benchmarks and strategic plans of achievement. His proven track record of achievement, ability to generate results, people friendly persona and unmatched thirst for unlimited service make him a prime candidate for leadership. All the best DTM Ali!

Hisham Jiffry, DTM    Immediate Past President   

The most remarkable and standout quality that Ali possesses is his integrity. I have been fortunate to have known him for long and have seen him navigate tough situations with panache. Ali displays high levels of commitment, passion and ownership to his decisions as a leader. Having worked as a peer I am awed at his ability to stay calm like a duck even in the most difficult situations. I wish Ali good luck as he embarks on his leadership journey.

DTM Brillian    Immidiate Past Region Advisor   

When people talk about the characteristics of a great Leader, only one person comes to our mind - It is DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali. I had an absolute pleasure to work with him, the way he makes us feel part of the team, his innovative ideas and commitment to ensure that we succeed, as well as taking accountability whenever things don't happen as per plan!
DTM Ali is a blessing for our Toastmasters community, and with his service we hope that many will be inspired to be like him. He is our inspiration and a great example of a true Leader.

Allen Paul    Past Area Director   

I have had an opportunity to ruminate the last few years (6 to be precise) since meeting DTM Ali. Here is what struck me: He reminds me of this quote where Gandhi said: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him…" To me, this is DTM Ali. He is a man in progress, always changing and in the process, we the people around him change. We can't change anyone or anything else except ourselves by BE-ing the change we want to SEE. He takes a simple and empowering approach to relationship building and translates it into actionable, pragmatic plans for personal and professional growth.
DTM Ali inspires me to change every step of my leadership and communication as I've witnessed his change over the last 6 years. Few people have inspired me the way he did and does.
DTM Ali is an exceptionally influencing Toastmaster Leader and he directly has contributed to Toastmasters by becoming exceptional in integrity, loyalty and productivity. The authenticity, care and compassion DTM Ali has shown and continue to show every day inspire me. It’s an honour to have met him, worked with him and I’m deeply proud to be associated with him. Time is an extremely valuable resource for Toastmasters. Setting aside 3 days of their lives to learn from a District Director during a District conference is something they do because they care deeply about learning, but it comes with high expectations. That weekend must be filled with thoughtful and compelling content shared by an engaging and insightful committee. To date, the conference in 2017 is the highlight of my Toastmasters career attending conferences. It was so very well presented.
He is not only an inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable Toastmaster and Leader, but also a true steward to people. I was amazed by the simplicity of his presentations, interactions with members and his gracious mission to empower others. He is a living example that it really begins with our own personal responsibility to nurture relationships through generosity and commitment. DTM Ali's grace and humility are inspiring and engaging.

Ceanlia    Club President, D105 PR Communications Team   

Being a new member as TM, I met DTM few times. An observer can easily notice a calm steady confident person who is careful fluently in each snd every word he says. When suddenly asked a question or present a speech, he proves his firm character fully aware of all details of the topic addressed, ready to discuss in depth any issue related to toastmaster. A strong leader, confident, knowledgeable, with high level of communication, are dome of his characters that qualify him to the highest posts in the Toastmaster International.

All the best.

Widad Hijazi    TM   

During our tenure as Region Advisors, Ali consistently displayed impeccable integrity. As a consummate decision maker, his teams held him in high esteem. His high energy, professionalism and unwavering sense of mission, makes him the perfect lead in this epic called Toastmasters.

DTM Charles Gates    Immediate Past Region Advisor