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Serving Beyond Boundaries

Welcome to the Ali4ID page

Thank you for visiting this website and giving me an opportunity to connect with you. This surely means a lot to me and the Ali4ID team. I will start by giving credits to Ali4ID team and well-wishers who are helping me to campaign.

Being Nominated International Director Candidate, Region 11 by the International Leadership Committee (ILC), gives me an unpretentious pleasure to represent our members at the Board and be their voice. To know more about my Toastmasters and professional experiences, please click here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer them. If you would like to talk to me in person, you are welcome to schedule an appointment.

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Toastmasters Clubs

During his tenure as District Director, District 20 saw a net growth of 13 clubs (3.68%) with over 19,000 payments, making it the largest district in the World

Distinguished Clubs

Additionally, 64% of Clubs in District 20 achieved the Distinguished Status

Smedley Distinguished Districts

During his tenure as Region 11 Advisor, 44% of the Districts attained the Smedley Distinguished status

Serving Beyond Boundaries

As per the guidelines listed by Toastmasters International, International Directors are members of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, each representing one of the 14 Toastmasters regions. International Directors are elected to serve a two-year term. International Directors support Toastmasters both in and out of the boardroom of Toastmasters International.

Region 11 consists of Districts in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan Region 11 consists of Nine Districts

Middle East consists of Five Districts (20,79,104,105,116)
Africa consists of Three Districts (74, 94 & 114)
Pakistan consists of One District (122TC)

DTM Ali has 17 years of Toastmasters Experience. In 2016, he served the largest District in the world, District 20 consisting of 360+ clubs (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Lebanon). Currently, he is the Immediate Past Region 11 Advisor for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan. In his professional career he has undertaken Operational and Strategic Roles, currently serving  as the  Director of Professional Development Unit and a member of the Board in an Events Management & Consultancy Firm.

Few Additional Skills

  • Expertise knowledge of Parliamentary Procedures
  • Coach and Trainer
  • Strategic Thinker and Team Player
  • Worked on documents similar to standard operating procedures and supported districts in-line with TI guidelines


The team believes that once DTM Ali is elected to the Board, he isn’t limited to any country or region. He represents the global community of Toastmasters. Here comes the accountability and responsibility to keep up the core values and the brand name of our organization.

The Board as a team works for the betterment of all Toastmasters around the World

DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali has achieved DTM twice, once in the Legacy Program and the 2nd in Pathways. He excels in Innovative Planning and Public Relation Strategies. DTM Ali, originates from District 20, consisting of Bahrain and Kuwait. His Home country is Bahrain. Bahrain is the country which houses one of the oldest Chartered Clubs in the Region since 1964. It is a well-known island in the Middle East which is famous for its diverse culture and business friendly environment. One of DTM Ali’s strengths is working with global citizens. In 2016-17, when he led the largest District in the world consisting of Seven Countries in the Middle East, the golden moments of that term are still cherished by many leaders till date in the Middle East and beyond. He believes this was an opportunity to continue working with Toastmasters from different walks of life and accomplish so much together. In 2019-20, DTM Ali excelled as Region Advisor for Region 11 (Middle East, Africa and Pakistan). This was yet another opportunity to serve many Districts and work with Leaders around the world to contribute further to enhance our Members Experience.

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